Research Symposium

Department of Chemical Engineering Research Symposium on 20th September 2019

Venue for the symposium: 129B Hub-Robeson Center

Get nametags and abstract book from 8.45 am-9.20 am at Hub 129 B

The Chemical Engineering Research Symposium at Penn State is an annual event organized by the ChE GSA in which graduate students, typically in their fourth year, showcase their research to the department. Faculty, students, and staff have the opportunity to learn and engage in a discussion about the unique directions in which the research in chemical engineering at Penn State is heading.  Industry representatives, from companies such as Dow Chemical, GlaxoSmithKline, and Exxon Mobil, also attend the symposium, allowing presenters and other attendees to network with potential employers.

This year’s Graduate student symposium will happen on 20th September 2019.
If you are a fourth or fifth-year student who would like to present a talk at the symposium, please send me your abstract by Friday, August 30th. Preference will be given to 4th-year students for whom participation in the symposium is mandatory. Students of any year are welcomed and encouraged to present a poster! Likewise, please submit your poster abstract to me by Friday, August 30th.In addition to a cash prize for the best talk, there will also be best poster cash prizes!
Abstracts must be no longer than 1 page, the font should not be smaller than 12 pt Arial font, and the margins should not be smaller than 1 inch. Graphical abstracts are also encouraged and references are allowed but must fit within the one-page guideline.
Please remember that your target audience will also include first-year students who are in the process of choosing labs. It would be beneficial to give basic information about the field as well in both abstracts and talks.

All abstracts are to be sent to

Departmental awards are also presented at the research symposium. Past winners are listed below:

Best Symposium Presentation

2017 – Mohammad Rahimi (Logan Group)
2016 – Joel Bombile (Milner Group)
2015 – Charles Cartier (Bishop Group)
2014 – Thinh Le (Enrique Gomez Group)
2013 – Change Guo (Enrique Gomez Group)

Best Paper

2017 – Matthew Grisewood (Costas Maranas Group)
2016 – Saratram Gopalakrishnan (Costas Maranas Group)
2015 – Yuexiao Shen (Kumar Group)
2014 – Amin Espah Borujeni (Salis Group)
2013 – Venkat Ravi (Rioux Group)

Best Candidacy Exam

2017 – Woochul Song (Kumar Group)
2016 – Jie Zha (Zhang Group)
2015 – Allan Brooks (Bishop Group)
2014 – Saratram Gopalakrishnam (Costas Maranas Group)
2013 – Chiam Yu Ng (Costas Maranas Group) and Yuxing Zhou (Milner Group)

Best Teaching Assistant

2017 – Derek Sturm (Danner Group)
2015 – Seyed Pouria Motevalian (Borhan Group)
2014 – David Caldwell (Janna Maranas Group)
2013 – Matthew Krcha (Janik Group)

Abstract Books

The abstract books from previous research symposia are linked below. This book gives a good snapshot into the exciting research happening in our department.

2019 Abstract Book

2017 Abstract Book
2016 Abstract Book
2015 Abstract Book
2014 Abstract Book
2013 Abstract Book

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